This is an index page for the Bn Casualty lists.

This is one of the main initial purposes of this site, to compile and organize casualty lists for the battalion and where possible attach places and information to the casualty figures. This is very much an ongoing work in progress. Pages will be updated and reorganized as more data comes to light. The simplest sources for casualty data are the "Officers Died in the Great War" (ODGW)and "Soldiers Died in the Great War" (SDGW) lists. In addition, the Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC) and the Scottish National War Memorial (SNWM) all have data. While there is much overlap there are often small differences. Less comprehensive but sometimes more detailed in their information are various regional and national Rolls of Honour (such as DeRuvigny's). All of these record those who died. The wounded are significnatly more challenging. Here one must rely on official casualty lists published in newspapers like the Scotsman and other local papers. In addition to these lists, families sometimes placed announcements giving details. There are many conflicts with dates and other problems with these sources yet they remain the best available in many circumstances. The 1/4th Bn diaries do not record the names of non-officer casualties except in exceptional circumstances. However daily totals and aggregate numbers (for big battles) are reported. By matching these with a chronological listing of the casualties it is hoped that some additional information about individuals may be gleaned.

Current (Partial Listings)


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