Although this site is still in its infancy special thanks are already due to several people, I have no doubt as time passes additional thanks will become due -- but for now I will thank those who have allowed me to get the site off the ground (Jan 2008)

First, Carolyn Morrise whose superb site on the 1/5th Battalion The Gordon Highlanders was in many ways the inspiration for me to get this one going, who, in addition to sharing my online auction trials and tribulations has passed on numerous pieces of wisdom and no small amount of information and data. Thanks Carolyn.

Second, Mr John Mackie who was originally introduced to me by Carolyn and whose father, 2322 Pte Robert Mackie, served with the Bn. After a small exchange of initial information John has apparently took up residence in The British Newspaper Library and The National Archives at Kew. As a result John has produced a huge amount of original information regarding Bn wounded, compiled from the casualty lists in various regional and national newspapers. The value of this is immeasurable, as it is frequently harder to obtain information on the wounded than it is on those who died. At this initial point it is probably fair to say that John has collated more data than I have - for this I owe him a huge debt (and probably his family a large apology). Thanks John.

The staff at the GORDON HIGHLANDERS MUSEUM in Aberdeen have been of great assistance, and I would like to extend my thanks to Major Ross and his dedicated volunteers who run the magnificent musem and keep the memory of the Regiment alive. If you are in Aberdeen it should be on your list of places to visit.

Several other people have also been of great assistance in the initial stages Mr John Smellie of Aberdeen whose knowledge of medals and support has been much appreciated, Mr Richard "Piper" Galley of Bedford was of great value in discussing the Bn's time in Bedford and who, with his fellow pipers, continues to honour the men of the Scottish Regiments who were stationed in Bedford in 1914-15 some of whom,
like my Great-Grandfather, remain there.

Finally, numerous contributors to the Great War Forum have provided help and wisdom on individual points, in particular TonyE and Tom McCluskey have been of great help.

Errors, omissions and mistakes remain attributable to me alone. I would welcome any corrections you discover.
Please email me with any corrections or suggestions - I am also happy to assist you if you have particular questions about the 4th Battalion in the Great War.


"Friends are good on the day of battle"


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