The 4th Battalion lost at least 3 men prior to their departure for France. These are detailed here.

There was an outbreak of Measels amongst the Highland Brigade troops stationed in and around Bedford in late 1914 and early 1915. The numbers of men affected is somewhat unclear however, according to records held in the archive of the Bedford Scots Society, the following are the numbers. These tally with other sources (McConachie - see source pages). At the time this outbreak provoked some concern in the local press. Details will be added below,

It should not be assumed that all of the fatalities were the result of Measles, other illnesses such as pneumonia as well as other causes contributed to the totals.

4th QOCH 141 26
7th / 8th ASH 101 14
4th RGA 51 14
4th / 5th / 6th/ 7th Gordon Highlanders 45 38
4th Seaforths 26 2
5th Seaforths 30 20
6th Seaforths 19 11
RAMC Lovat Scouts 3 11
TOTALS 416 136
souce: Tables held in Bedford Scots Society Records.    



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